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Admission Requirements

Update as of 4/9/2022:

Our ringworm situation is under control. However we are not admitting any new kitties at the moment.  If we have an open spot, it is best if we already have information in hand.  Please email the following to us: confirmatory test results for FeLV (ideally quantitative PCR test), proof of spay/neuter, vaccine history, proof of negative fecal test, photo, any other health information. email


We have a few requirements that need to be met prior to the kitty coming to live at Leuk's Landing.  Why do we have these requirements?  Simply, we want to make sure that the kitty has the disease.  If they don't then they will get it when they live among cats that carry the disease.  The disease is often called the "licking disease" because it can be given to another kitty through licking.  Depending on how a kitty is exposed to FeLV, they can sometimes fight it off, so repeat testing is needed to determine if the virus has infected their bone marrow.


  • ​In addition to a "snap test" we require a quantitative PCR test.  These tests can help to verify that the disease has taken up residence in the bone marrow.  Snap tests can be unreliable and we do not want to expose the kitty to the disease if he/she doesn’t really have it.

  • He/she needs to be neutered/spayed.

  • The kitty needs to be up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • He/she needs to have had a fecal test that includes giardia and coccidia to make sure they are negative.

  • We need vet records of all the above procedures.

  • Finally, the kitty needs to be in good health, meaning no colds or ear mites or fleas, and not showing signs of other diseases like FIP.

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